Team Work


We believe that projects can be most efficiently completed when the various members of the project team operates in a unified team environment.  This team should be inclusive of the client, beneficiary community, consulting colleagues, contractors including all subcontractors and suppliers.  To this aim Sinakho Consulting will always ensure that we provide maximum contribution to the team in all aspects of the project. We shall always encourage a situation where the client and community achieve a sense of ownership of the project.

         Alternative Designs


Sinakho Consulting fully supports the concept of alternative designs and takes pride in the investigation and successful implementation of projects that have required alternative designs. 

            Labour Intensive Construction of Rural Projects


The company supports the principle of Labour Intensive Construction of projects in rural areas. Where it is technically and economically feasible, arrangements would be made for labour intensive construction and implementation. Efforts would be made to make use of local labour, both male and female to carry out labour oriented operations. The aim is to invest as much of the project value as possible in the local community by way of earned wages.  The employment policy of the specific client will be followed, particularly in respect of the employment of women.

           Natural environment


Our operations take consideration of possible impacts that the project will have on the natural environment. Where possible, corrective actions will be taken to prevent or minimise any harmful impacts. The clients will be advised of the need for an Environmental Impact Assessment whenever it is required by legislation.

             Focus on the most needy


The output of programmes, projects, labour intensive work and job creation will be focused on the most needy and vulnerable groups, who may be the previously disadvantaged, women, single family heads and youth.



We pledge to support and promote entrepreneurial activities in construction projects. Where it is economically and technically feasible, local contractors will be used. Affirmative procurement and tendering principles will be encouraged so that local entrepreneurs are able to participate in the construction of the project.