SINAKHO CONSULTING is a Consulting Engineering and Project Management company that operates from a Head Office in East London with an office in Komani (formerly Queenstown).  The company has recently opened an office in Lusaka, Zambia and trades under Sinakho Consulting Zambia (Pty) Ltd. The company is renowned for its ability to provide clients with high quality, cost-effective and sustainable services in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering and Project Management.  Sinakho Consulting takes great pride in partnering with clients as well as other professionals to provide integrated and cost-effective solutions and has adopted the Slogan – “Together WE CAN Do Great Things”.

The history of Sinakho Consulting goes back to February 1997 when the company was formed by Dave de Wet (Pr.Eng) in Komani (Queenstown).  The company has grown from a staff of seven in 2000 to a current staff compliment of 30, of which more than 50% are from the Historically Disadvantaged Group, and 30% are women. 

The company provides a complete Civil and Structural Engineering service for clients and has extensive experience in both fields of Civil Engineering.  Staff training and development are a key aspect that ensures both staff retention and also a high level of technical expertise.  External expertise is engaged as required and extensive use of made of specialist skills in order to provide sustainable engineering solutions.

Sinakho Consulting was awarded the Technical Excellence Project Award for the Amathola Branch of the South African Institute of Civil Engineers (SAICE) in 2016 for the renovations that took place at Nicks Food SuperSpar in East London.  The project had significant design and construction challenges and the work was completed while the store remained fully operational. 


Our Vision is to be the preferred and most innovative Civil/Structural Engineering Professional Service provider within the Eastern Cape.


The mission of Sinakho Consulting is to provide innovative, flexible and professional civil and structural engineering solutions and project management services to Government, Private Clients and end user beneficiaries. In addition, Sinakho Consulting strives to ensure the transfer of skills from skilled, committed and experienced team to develop our community and country.